Pillars of Eternity II: WishList of Mine

That with Pillars of Eternity II, Obsidian Entertainment exchanges Infinity Engine for taking what BioWare did with Frostbyte 4 and going farther and in a different extension, pray do I. Plus that they regret their failure to add Romance Options to PoE; And add them with a romance quest/plot line instead of just dialogue.  I mean, BioWare would be the ones to know how to create a worthy successor, since they made the Infinity Engine.

The version of Frostbyte 4 that was used in Dragon Age: Inquisition was a good extension of the ‘look’ of the Infinity Engine but better. The character, inventory, and battle mechanics is where they lost what they had with Baldur’s Gate I & II and Planescape: Torment. Therefore, just keep and extend the mechanics you already created for Pillars of Eternity, and the problem is solved.

Also increase the usefulness of al-khemetik products like pistols and rifles. Whoever thought forcing everyone to use two hands when firing a pistol should be fired. I mean, even in Victorian Era there were dual wielding. Of course, they only needed one to 3 shots before someone was dead or dieing; Instead, with the game just have us hide the extra small pistols in a special cloak/belt/and/or Bandolier.

Having mapped zones such as in Pillars of Eternity I and Dragons Age I, II, & III, is also on a wishlist of mine. Furthermore, I do like town signs being used as anchors for travel to other zones via the world map. It is more immersive than simply running to the edge of the zone.

Each zone being as large, or larger, than Witcher III: Wild Hunt‘s areas. The big worlds are awesome but implying that the area we can explore is all there is for the state in question is ludicrous… the areas are too small, unless you are talking about multiple states of Luxemburg.


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