1 3 ♥ 0 0 ♥ 0 3 ♥ 0 2 ♥ 0 1: Dies Lady; DeConstructing Giza Pyramids

Merry Meet!

These videos are what I was talking about last friday.

So then comes the obvious question.  Why has the establishment spent so much time and effort to lie to the plebeians about Egypt for the past century?  I understand why Muslims refuse to accept scientific evidence because they are already mentally ill.  But everyone else?


About Muslims, I am referring to their belief that all civilizations came from them.  That they are the center of the metaphorical universe.  Christians accepted that as false centuries ago.  Yet, those mullahs stick to their cave sticks doggedly.  And the average Muslim just eats it all up without questioning it, just like they are told too.

Oh! I will be attaching a pdf that seems to me, to be from a science/history student writing up a thesis on what the Giza Pyramid was evidently used for.  That being a giant Plutonium Mill.  And what would the prehistoric egyptians want with plutonium?  Unless they failed to be the ones the plutonium was for.

Yes as a Plutonium mill, the Giza Pyramid would have produced gobs of electrical power.  For those who mistakenly think that plutonium is only for bombs?  That is false, the file says around 80 percent of all nuclear reactors are plutonium power reactors, even if they lie and say they run off uranium.  The ‘uranium‘ the are talking about only exists at a certain point in the nuclear reactor’s process.

Plutonium mills in Africa in generally fails to even be new.  As researchers four a 2 billion year old reactor that turned a segment of uranium into plutonium.  That means it underwent fission, spontaneously.

Another thing to note, and I hear hardly ever mentioned even by conspiracy theorists or Ancient Astronaut Theorists, is:
The Mayans were a peaceful agrarian society with a sophisticated writing, exceptional math skills, and knowledge of the celestial sky they were without a way of knowing.  They were without anything remotely close to a telescope and yet they knew of stars we have only recently detected in the last thirty years.

After c. 2000 BC to 250 AD, they simply vanished.  Which is a good reason for the establishment to spread disinformation and confuse them with Aztecs but conspiracy theorists too?  weird.

All accounts of human sacrifice and bloodletting was done by the Aztecs and they ‘took’ control of the territory Mayans a full millenium after they vanished.  Aztecs existed from the 13th century until the 16th century and the arrival of the Spanish explorers, the conquistadors.

That is right, Mayans and Aztec civilizations are separated by over a millenium of time.   The two civilizations fail to even be remotely related beyond the fact that the Aztecs took over the Mayan ghost towns.

Don’t get me wrong, Aztecs were evil.  I just fine it funny they thought the ‘white man’ were representing their E.B.E. {Extraterrestrial Biological Entities} gods.

Thank you for sharing your time and Force;  May you eternally ask the Lady to alight your path.




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