Dies Lady; Dinosaur Extinction Caused by Asteroid Impact DeBunked!

Yet another way history that they teach in public schools is wrong.  Many Dinosaurs lived past the KT Barrier when the alleged asteroid theoretically struck Terra.  Why do schools in the United States insist upon preaching this debunked theory of the alleged asteroid killing off the Dinosaurs?


I mean seriously, the information has been out since 2007. Sort of like how all theories regarding global warming have been either found fraudulent or simply false, by ‘most’ actual scientists that have already published articles about it.

So why do United States public schools insist on preaching and brainwashing our children with these debunked hypothesis?

Close to a decade is plenty of long enough for the super majority of even the most rural or urban of school districts to have updated their textbooks with actual accurate information.
Or is all the school ‘levies’ the teacher unions cry about leaving too much gold being left in the Union and district administrators pockets to actually purchase new material for the students?

That was a trick question… of course the system is corrupt… and it fails to even really their fault. The American citizen has proven to fail to care enough to know the truth. They would rather follow the will of their community organizers who are incapable of uttering anything actually true more than once every seven days… such as PotUS Barry Soetoro.


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