Dies Ma; Fermi Paradox DeBunked

Fermi Paradox

That video is absolutely right, it is really hard to see Extraterrestrial Biological Entities as being out there, and here; When, a pelicanist absolutely IGNORE any evidence to the contrary. It’s similar to them closing eyes and saying your invisible because you can’t see yourself in the mirror.

Egad, the arrogance behind the presumptions of that hypothesis are astounding. Say we accept all evidence that EBEs are already here is hogwash.

The theory first assumes that we even know how to detect said EBEs as they zip around our galaxy.  It also assumes they even show up on our technology.  By all accounts some species of EBE ships show up on Radar but others fail to;  And that is just terrestrial evidence we are willfully ignoring… temporarily.  Yet the point is that the theory evidently assumes we will ‘see’ said EBEs zipping about.  That is absurd.

That still leaves our physics saying FTL {Faster Than Light} travel IS possible given ADVANCED technology. Why assume they are running around the Milky Way in rocket ships? Why assume that ‘we’ will continue to use rocket ships to get to other starsystems? We already have ion engines, we want to advance the technology some first but it is there.

Moreover, an FTL systems such as ‘wormholes’ would allow us to travel to a distant galaxy in the blink of an eye. Thus, since wormholes have a lot more evidence supporting them than this hypothesis.?. Saying anything outside our intergalacitic local group is beyond reach, is flat-out false. The technology to do so fails us at this time, yet that fails to mean it is beyond our ability to invent.

That idea sound more like the saying “If God meant us to fly, He would have given us wings.” Again false because arrogantly dismisses they idea that the Goddess gave us brains to invent wings.

Now putting the subject that they ARE on Terra back on the table.

Project Blue Book’s sole mission was to dismiss, demonize, discredit, et cetera all Kryptid reports and their supporters. They failed, there were a single digit percentile of cases even they were stumped by.

Crop Circles, yes yes pelicanist love to point out 94% of all crop circles are likely man made hoaxes. Again with the abject arrogance though, because of willfully ignoring the 6% {or whatever the number is really} that defy conventional explanation. These are the ones that have radiation signatures, magnetic disturbances, and the crops are ‘bent’ over instead of ‘broken’ when humans do it.

The Trilithon of Baalbek, Nazca Lines, Sacsayhuamán, Palpa MountainPuma Punku, Pyramid of Giza, Vimanas. Mountains sheered in half horizontally in a straight line, massive stone blocks fit together with greater precision than we are capable of, the absolute lack of mortar.

We convict people of murder on circumstantial evidence. With all this combined, I am positive a truly objective jury would say there are likely many different types of entities we fail to even fully comprehend.

And this hy[pthesis that wishes it was a grown up theory, basically sets out a table at a beach for dinner. Everything is prepared and the host is patiently waiting for the guest to arrive. The guest being EBEs. The night passes and the host assumes that since EBEs failed to show up, that they fail to exist anywhere.

I believe that is patiently insane. The creator of this hypothesis sounds more like a pelicanist than an actual scientist, journalist, or investigator. That is someone such as Hector Quintanillla whom sole purpose willfully ignore facts and dismiss any hint of the possibility of EBE involvement.

Mr. Heiser suggest we remember this the next time someone want to make money by revealing something in Mexico City? I say we would be better off simply remembering the Scientific Method and seek multiple verification of evidence.

Marcello Truzzi: “…extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence…”


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