13♥00♥02♥09♥16: Dies Ba; Humans

The American Movie Channel is showcasing a series called Humans.  The premise of the story is simple.  Man builds’ androids to look and feel like humans.  Androids rebel, chaos for everyone, and life goes on.  Please understand that I love how the first episode with the Hawkins family and all.  It is very compelling for now at least.

gee… I wonder where they got that family name from.  Darn writers, they think their so clever… *laugh*

Of course, the ‘evil’ companies want to keep them under collar and leash so they ‘want’ them just short of fully sapient beings.  The writers at least did a little research and mentioned Asimov’s laws being hardwired in.  However, I just wish they would have added a little flesh to their skeleton of evil over there… would make it looks less contrived.

I mean, the funning thing about making Androids instead of robots, is that people tend to treat them as they would any other human.  That is regardless of them being told “their not human” by the sales people.  Really, when was the last time you believed what a car sales me told you anyway?

So Humans treat other humans pretty bad all on it’s own.  In addition, only a very short lived company would buy sex bots to mine ore, or cut lumber.  Even if the robots were superior physically;  A smarter company will come along and build a ‘specialized robot‘ because they want to avoid the human miners doing the wild monkey dance with the sex droid miners, instead of mining ore.

We see this every day really, the only truly evil companies are the ones such as Goldman Sachs, Walmart, Apple, Microsoft, et cetera any company that lobbies Congress for anything really.  They are all guilty of giving ‘lawmakers’ money to write the laws to favor their sponsor and discourage competition.  What else do you think their giving millions of dollars to lawmakers for?  Sure as frak isn’t for charity.

Back on topic, the first episode has them violating Asimov’s laws without batting a pretty eyelash.  Except when one has to override their programming to save their master.  So yeah, the mentioning of Asimov is neat and cool but I sure hope they start behaving WITH Asimov’s laws written into their hardware.

Of course, I remember the show saying the laws were written in the first models.  And of course, DC committees and Boardrooms love thinking they know what is best for others.  However, at some point either the laws exist and are functional or they’re not, and that guy on the talk show was just talking out his arse.

Again, the first episode is very nice and the entire show did a great job keeping my interest.  I am just saying that I have stopped watching shows because they make my head hurt trying to suspend my disbelief before, and I will probably do so again.  So many better things to do with life, now-days.

Of course, the writers are right about Hawkings, he should stop worrying so much about all the ‘what ifs’, and start imagining what he wants to happen and how to get there.  People rarely pay attention to whiners, complainers, or doomsayers.

I mean seriously, either the world will end tomorrow or life will go on.  I am betting on the “life going on” side of things.

Of course, I could be completely off kilter.  So please avoid taking anything with a grain of salt…. yes ‘Salt’ used to be worth A LOT back before the industrial revolution.

It was worth so much they sometimes used it for bartering, like some people use gold.  So whoever perverted the saying “don’t take it with a grain of salt”? is obviously an idiot that escaped from that idiot-less village over there.

So on the off chance someone paid attention to my whining.  Thank you for sharing your time, and Force.  I shall pray to the Goddess that the episodes only get better.

Sorry about the classically liberal rant there, I just find it so absurd how people seem to refuse to think for themselves.  Instead they insist on have talking heads such as Oprah, Barry Soetoro, Bill O’Reilly, Brian Williams, Juan Williams, et cetera do it for them.  They all either lie or cleverly ignore or distort facts to favor their agenda… and yet people adamantly refuse to ask what that agenda is.

So we get what we have had for the past century and a half… which is a wonderstruk helping of Bull Shit… which just so happens to rime with Barack Obama.  Maybe that is why the past seven years has been worse than the previous.

So let that be a lesson to you.  Never vote for someone with ‘B’ AND ‘S’ as their initials.  Sure you may not have known Barack Obama’s Khristian name but you should have.  If he is a Khristian, why does he ‘choose’ to go by his Muslim name?

Good questions, the talking heads fail to ask.


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