13♥00♥02♥09♥15: Dies Ka; To Amazon.com, Love Brent

Merry Meet,

I am outraged that you are banning the sell of the Confederate Flag. The whole issue is a red herring that is free of anything to do with racism or hate.

At the time of the civil war Slavery had already proven to be an inferior business model to ‘paying’ for labor. We know this as standard economics, paid workers produce more and are more efficient.

The very idea that the ConFederates were fighting to allow Slavery is a Union Propaganda perpetrated by the great oppressor PotUS Abraham Lincoln. Since when is it ‘right’ to ‘force’ by way of war, others to live by your morals and ethics?

The whole idea was to whip up public support in the Union for the heinous civil war.

The ConFederates fight for State rights and individual liberty, and protection of individual property against government ‘seizure’. Such as the almost as heinous “eminent domain”

As a private corporation doing ‘business’ Amazon.com should SUPPORT the ideals for which the Confederate fight. Instead you support the very political force that will ruin your business model, profits, and eventually “seize” as Soetoro did with G.M. {Government Motors}; Because YOU are to BIG to ‘fail’.

Moreover, despite all that fail you compound it by being hypocritical and continuing to sell Nazi Paraphernalia, that has always been correctly associated with hate, racism, and fascism.

This policy of yours has made me seriously question whether I want to do business with you in the future, let alone continue my Amazon Prime membership.

Merry Part,



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