13♥00♥02♥09♥10: Dies Sol; BioWare and RPG games with Romance Options in their Interactive Dynamic stories

Frankly, the only type of Video Game I have found myself spending the time to enjoy are the Role-Playing Video Games with Romance options in their Interactive and Dynamic stories that change based upon the player’s choices.  I have heard people whine and complain about ‘Romance‘ being added to the game.  However, I find it quite amusing that they fail to realize that whining and complaining about something only makes it realized that much faster.  So in effect, they are helping me, without intending it;  Which is beautiful.

One might ask why do I mention this and possibly inform them to stop whining.  Yet, for the whiners and complainers illuminating the darkness of their ignorance one the subject seemingly fails to matter to them.  They keep pressing with even more determination.  So in effect, I pray that I am encouraging them to help me more.  Yes I can be very selfish.

However, yes I am far from immune to the tendency to whine or complain about whatever irritates me.  That is why I have begun playing games that help increase my mindfulness of myself and surroundings.

All Video Game companies and writers for said games should simply accept the following: Video Games with Romance options in their InterActive and Dynamic Stories based upon the player’s choices are simply the only real Role-Playing Video Games {RPVG, or RPGs}. Mislabeling any Video Game with a static linear or even those with non-linear plotlines as RPVGs is retarded. What is worse is your ratings/PR department fails at realizing the acronym “RPs” has already been taken since the 1970s; And, “Ratings Pending” fails to be what RP stands for to most Video Game players.

I am referring to BioWare’s game called Dragon Age: Origins and it’s expansion Awakenings. In the later, there is a NPC that supposedly tries to kill you. However he is caught by your awesome guards regardless of your choices made in the main story of Origins.

However, I believe the concept of adding romance options into roleplaying games first appeared in Baldur’s Gate I & II, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Planescape: Torment, and Wing Commander III/IV/V/VI.  Further investigation may reveal to a reader that BioWare’s and Obsidian have both made a habit of making games of genres other than dating sims, with romance options.  That is why I often am harmonious with being a fanboy for both companies. Obsidian used to be Black Isle Studios, the company was sold but the works and original owners eventually left and formed a new studio.  See other gamers typically are the ones who make Video Games.

Among the best choices in any given decision point you have released is when Nathaniel mock/threatens you for letting him go free. I find it sad that currently ‘among the best’ mostly exist in DA:O; Such as the option for a nun {male} Cousland Warden to marry Queen Anora.

Though, if you revisit those choices in any future element, please allow for Queen Anora {or Eamon} to approve a marriage with a Dalish Warden too.  I lady commented on this idea that she thought elves should be excluded because of their apparent ‘status’ as a second class citizen.  I disagree and quote that Bull’s second slipped and called Dalish Elvh as “Elvhen Nobles”; but they that they hate being called that… really hate it.

Moreover, the description of Queen Anora has remarked about her love for the city of Denerim itself.  A city that has had a turbulent history between the City Elvhes and the human nobles treating them worse than they do their human ‘cattle’.  Her marrying an Dalish Elvh would pop a huge whole in that balloon of unrest.  It would also improve relations with the other tribes of Dalish Elvh, she is all about diplomacy and it would take little to persuade them to ‘help’ her be aware of whispers Ferelden’s neighbors are having.  i.e. several groups of spy’s, to say the least the Dalish Warden could easily convince Leliana to help Queen Anora and him with their networks of ‘bards’.

I feel that there are other pros to such a union that vastly outweigh any cons.  That is before suggesting the humongous ‘favor’ the Dalish Elvh is giving Queen Anora without coercion.  Such as, that depending on a Dalish Inquisitor’s gender, they can romance and bed Cassandra/Cullen depending on

Another great example is Velanna and Seranni where excellent options for love interests especially for any Dalish Elf. ‘Forcing’ the Dalish sisters to disappear from the player’s world all together, is abundantly full of fail.

‘Hinting’ that Queen Anora’s womb is barren is just plane lacking in intelligence. I mean, there’s majik that can raise a party member from the dead… but we see now ‘clerics’ in the military. More to the point, all that majik and alchemy would undoubtable have a health solution to reverse any cases of a non or nun {Woman or man} being sterile.

BioWare modifying Queen Anora into being a hidden ‘apostate’ majik user is an awesome idea, I am so grateful that BioWare has though up adding it into Origins. Making affirmations aside, this would give Anora a lot more reason to be so compassionate and humble; And yet driven to become, and then remain Queen. Enough Power to keep her secret.

The script for Queen Anora establishes her as a remarkably self-assured and confident Lady. Denying her motherhood is just undeservedly cruel. In addition, any other idea including the one currently given as cannon adequately explains why she wants to be Queen so badly she is willing to enter a loveless marriage with Cailan. The boy King who seems would rather be among the ‘boys’ and playing ‘spank me if you can’, than girls.

I find myself agreeing with the supermajority of libertarian and Tea Party movement principles. However, we are the opposite of racist, seriously. We want the government out of everyone’s life regardless of what morals or ethics are the current flavor of the month. King Cailan’s sexuality being homosexual, or promiscuous, should be found as irrelevant to those governing.

However, I restate that my suggestion is given to BioWare free of any desire for compensation. Moreover, the story as it currently exists, Queen Anora is a ‘forced’ character that fails to make any sort of sense. A remarkable self-assured and confident lady would avoid agreeing to marry King Cailan in the first place. She would have known about whatever ‘proclivities’ he had that would leave her alone in the marriage bed.

General Loghain would take his daughter, Queen Anora’s side without question. Then he would force Eamon to award her a generous ‘social’ compensation. Thereby she could go somewhere else, such as KirkWall, or Orlais, with the Warden. Or without, seeking some other noble heir to seduce, since it was said she is rather gifted at that.

It will be awe-ful, that is full of awe, for BioWare to start changing DA:I and DA2 by adding more decision points that have these kind of choices, is wonderstrukk. Mass Effects 2 and Mass Effect 3 were additional excellent examples of failing to meet the freedom of choice given in the first game of the series. Or letting your choices actually matter.

Such as an option to marry Empress Celene or the Duke Gaspard; Importing our Warden from Origins, along with the choices as a whole; Or Importing our Champion of Kirkwall, again separate from a default import of the choices made. Both the Warden and the Champion have excellent reasons to become the “Inquisitor“.

Most especially for the Champion, if we end the game with an intense ‘rivalry’ with Varrik. Sense and sensibility in that realm, should lead him to be more than happy to cough up the Champion’s location and activities to Cassandra’s unintended, but still perceived as such by Varric, threats of violence, harm, and possible death unless he cooperates.

Any other Video Game studio that makes RPVGs and is worth their salt has played all the games in the Dragon Age omniverse, as training material and checking out the competition. I pray to the Goddess that said vg studios absolutely, abundantly, and eternally listen, comprehend, agree, and absorb with these words of wisdom.

For instance, the Witcher franchise is an excellent example of showing how Red Projekt’s limited bank account is actually. Having played some of Witcher 3, and all of Witcher 2; The potential for choices and decision points in Witcher 3 shows how lacking the prior two games were with some rather obvious wants. Such as wanting to become involved with Saskia or Cynthia. Or the Legolas wannabe if Red had allowed the player to choose the sex of the protagonist at least.

That brings me to another failing element I see with Red Projekt’s cannon story. That element is suggesting that Witchers and Sorcerers are ‘sterile’. Again both ‘species’ have access to so much majik that it is relatively simply to ‘will’ a solution into existence for them. The Sorceresses would have even more reason to as that is a common motivation for women. The Id, inner reptile, for Men tends to distract them from helping the mother of their child to ‘raise’ the child.

Parents, at least, know that simply conceiving a child and then birthing them into this realm nine months later is only the easy part. The more difficult part is raising them for the next two decades.  Therefore, an ideal of a mother who is single outside any fault of her own, would seek assistance from other family members, and if need be then charities.

Getting the government out of the business of benevolence programs will actually flood the coffers of charities and enable families to help each other a lot more. In so men ways, PotUS Ben Carson and Rand Paul are right on the money, income and property taxes are an evil that should have been expelled last century.

Wow!!! Wonderstrukk how I almost lost track of my point.  🙂  Anyhow…

Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, by 38 Studios and Big Huge Games, is an excellent example of a Video Game studio adding some subquests into a game and choosing the error in thinking that makes it an RPG. It has a linear plotline in a fantasy story setting. As I said, it has sidequests you can choose to complete or not, but it fails to offer you any additional options to choose when your protagonist approaches a decision point.

However, onto my final point.  The type of


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